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Account Setup

Creating an account and CustomerApp

Creating an account

  1. Head over to
  2. Enter in your information.
  3. Upon signing up, login to enter the dashboard.

Creating a CustomerApp

Once you've created an account on login to be brought to the main page. On the main page you can view all the apps you have access to.

  1. Click the Create New App button located at the top left.
  2. You will be promoted to input the Apps display name. Enter the name and click Create app.
  3. Upon creating the app you will receive the Apps API Key. Don't worry you can retrieve this key later if needed.

Now that your app is created you will be able to view and populate your app with information either through this dashboard or the API!

Retrieving your API Key

If you need to retrieve your API key again you can easily do this on your Apps dashboard.

See Get API Key button on the left sidebar.